A Hereditary Society of the Descendants of Nicholas Meriwether (1631-1678) - "Vi et Consilio"

MeriReps and Regional Reps

You can volunteer to coordinate efforts in a Family Group, or represent a region of the U.S. in research efforts.

Be a MeriRep: Join the Meriwether Family History Team

After 12 or 13 generations, our colonial progenitor’s descendants are a lot of folks in one big, fine old family. To work effectively with everyone, The Society recognizes the major family groups into which the family naturally has evolved since 1631. Each such designated family group is authorized a Meriwether Family Group Representative, appointed by The Society’s President. They are our MeriReps.

What MeriReps do …

• Directly represent the President of The Society and coordinate society activities in their family groups.
• Are participating members of The Society’s Family History Committee , responsible for The Society’s family research activities and its book development program. Click here to view list of society family volumes approved or under consideration.
• Encourage development of genealogical and historical material about their family group, in agreed form, for incorporation in society publications.
• Are not expected personally to do family research or compile manuscripts for their family group — unless they wish to — instead, work with those who do and encourage others to join in.
• Create a sense of unity in their family group, coordinating society projects and communicating society policies and standards to their family.

MeriRep Activities…

Will vary among family groups. The list in The Society’s Policy Statement No. 7, Meriwether Family Group Representatives, 6 Dec 1992 (PS7), is essentially permissive.

Importantly: Time is available at Society Reunions for each family group to meet, unite, plan, and act to achieve detailed aspects of our common goal. MeriReps are encouraged to appoint Assistant Family Group Representatives for each subordinate Family Group. All such appointments are recognized by the Society President as society officials.

Regional Reps

The Society has divided the United States into ten regions and assigned Regional Representative volunteers to each Region.

The goal of a Regional Representative is to assist individual or Society researchers seeking information from a specific place within the region, such as a local library or genealogical society, or perhaps one of the National Archives that might exist in a particular region.

This program is in need of volunteers. See the entry in the Resources section for the current regions and assigned representatives.

How to Volunteer

Please send us your name and Family Group, and what level of help you are able to provide. Email us on the Contact Us page.