A Hereditary Society of the Descendants of Nicholas Meriwether (1631-1678) - "Vi et Consilio"


The Meriwether Society actively supports a number of research projects and has created or identified the following resources to help these efforts.

TMSI Research Database

A genealogy database containing over 82,000 names has been established to help in these activities and is maintained by the Society Genealogist.

Researchers with even a single Meriwether in their collection may send information to the Society genealogist by using the Contact form and selecting Meriwether Query. Requests for surname searches should be sent using the same form.

A Worldconnect Family Tree hosted by Rootsweb has been established by TMSI that allows searching the database for individuals. You can begin by going directly to Nicholas Meriwether I in the current Tree.

Tree ID: 616922
Date created: 2 March 2020 (Updated 9 Aug 2020)
In accordance with Rootsweb and TMSI policy, information about living people is not displayed in the Worldconnect Family Tree.

TMSI Photos

The Meriwether Society has gathered thousands of photos of family members, homes, gravestones, tours, reunions, and meetings.

These photos are currently hosted on Flickr.

Find A Grave

The Meriwether Society maintains information on memorials and graves at Find A Grave.

More details on this can be found on the Burial Places page.

Other Genealogy Sites

For a cross-referenced list of links that point you to other genealogical research sites, try out Cyndi’s List.