A Hereditary Society of the Descendants of Nicholas Meriwether (1631-1678) - "Vi et Consilio"


The Meriwether Society actively supports a number of research projects and has created or identified the following resources to help these efforts.

Project Overview

The Society sponsors several book projects and an English research program exploring the origination of Nicholas and his siblings prior to their arrival in Jamestowne/James City, VA in the 1650s.

English Research and DNA Project

The Meriwether Society is conducting research into the English origins of our immigrant ancestor, Nicholas Meriwether, who arrived in Virginia by 1653. The research is conducted by members of the Society and professional researchers in the London area and outlying counties. To aid in our search we have established a “Meriwether” DNA haplotype which we are using to find a match with a descendant from a known location in England. These efforts are funded by contributions to our memorial fund which was established to memorialize and honor members of our Meriwether family.

We have identified Meriwethers (or variant spellings) that were resident in 19 counties sometime from the 13th through the 17th centuries. Most of these were in the southern part of England known as the “Cradle of Virginia” with the largest concentration in Kent and Wiltshire counties. Approximately 18 instances of a Nicholas have been identified but, so far, we have not connected any with our Nicholas.

The Search goes on.

Meriwether Collection at the Southwest Archives at Texas Tech University

The Meriwether Society and the Virginia Historical Society had an agreement which allowed TMSI members to donate items of historical interest related to the Meriwether family to the VHS. This archive has now been transferred to the Southwest Archives at Texas Tech.

The Archive will store and preserve the items, making them available for researchers as needed. The original donor may keep ownership of the item and request it be returned if so desired. Items that have been contributed so far include several rare books and an old family Bible.

Contact the TMSI Archives for details on this program.

Meriwether Society Book Series Project

Early efforts to revise Nelson Heath Meriwether’s 1964 publication, “The Meriwethers and Their Connections,” quickly revealed that there was too much new material available to make a simple revision possible. Further details relating to Nicholas II’s siblings also needed development as did information about family connections.

To resolve this issue, a series of books relating to our Meriwether family (The Meriwether Family in America) was visualized. This series would contain a number of carefully coordinated volumes designed to tell the complete story of the Meriwethers in America and such evidence of a British ancestor as known. The society board of directors approves requests by Family Group Representatives for volumes in the series.

Approved volumes in The Meriwether Family in America series

Volume I, The Colonists. Volume Project Manager: Maury Kendall. Scope: The introductory volume in the series, it is a complete family history and genealogy through the third American generation, together with British ancestors. It also includes summary data on the forth and fifth generations, as the basis for sequent volumes. THIS BOOK IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE!

At this time no other Book Projects have been started. If you are interested in managing the creation of a book for your family, please contact the Society Genealogist.

Possible Future Projects

1. We need volunteers to help document Meriwether ancestors whose descendants are eligible for membership in other Societies, such as the DAR/SAR, UDC, Magna Charta Society, etc. See the Other Societies info in the Resources section.

Here are some other projects that might be of interest to start, if we get a volunteer or two:

2. Meriwether descendants who have served in the US Armed Services, especially the American Revolution, the War of 1812, and the Civil War, etc.

3. Collect US Census data on Meriwether descendants. Sharon Pike has been doing this for the Meriwether surname (and 20+ variations of the spelling), but there are thousands of other surnames.

4. Collect the names of historical farms, plantations, homes, buildings that have Meriwether connections.

5. Identify the burial places for Meriwether descendants.