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A visit to historic Castle Hill

Castle Hill sits in calm repose, clothed with its intensely interesting associations and traditions, when its halls would be filled with many distinguished gatherings of the loved, the gifted, and the noble of our land, as well as from foreign shores.

Lt. Col. Banastre Tarleton

Originally published in Meriwether Connections, the quarterly newsletter of The Meriwether Society, Inc. Vol. XXIV, No. 1, Jan.-Mar. 2005, and No. 2, Apr.–Jun. 2005 British Lieutenant Colonel Banastre Tarleton and the American Revolution: Drama on the Plantations of...

Woodhouse Connection?

Family History Research "The next generation invariably judges the credibility of our work and, in turn, our intellectual integrity." (PS11) Since 1899 with the publication of The Record of Nicholas Meriwether of Wales by William Ridgely...