A Hereditary Society of the Descendants of Nicholas Meriwether (1631-1678) - "Vi et Consilio"


Membership in The Meriwether Society, Inc. is open to anyone. It includes a quarterly newsletter, Meriwether Connections, that reports on family activities and ongoing research into the Meriwether line.

About Memberships

There are several levels of Membership in The Meriwether Society:

Associate Membership
Anyone is eligible to join as an Associate Member. Associate Members may attend any Society meetings, physical or digital. Associate Members cannot vote or hold elected offices. Associate Members may hold appointed offices such as Family Group or Regional Representative or other offices appointed by the President.

Regular Membership
Associate Members who submit a completed Authentication form showing descent from Nicholas Meriwether 1631-1678) become Regular Members upon verification by the Society of the submitted lineage information. Regular Members May vote during annual meetings and hold elected office.

The cost for Associate and Regular Membership is $20 for one year or $50 for three years.

Life Membership
Regular Members who are at least 40 years old are eligible to purchase a Life Membership, based on age.

Aged 40-64: $500
Aged 65 and older: $300

Newsletter & Physical Copy Surcharge
In addition to access to Society archives, research assistance and meetings, all Members receive the quarterly newsletter and annual Membership Directory by email.

Due to the cost of postal mail service, a surcharge of $5/year must be assessed to receive a physical copy of the newsletter and Member Directory. This amount should be added when joining or renewing your membership. Life Members may pay yearly or for multiple years, though the cost remains $5/year.

Authenticated Descendants

Your confirmation package will contain information on how to become an Authenticated Descendant of Nicholas Meriwether I, and therefore a Regular Member of the Society.

Other than Society voting rights and the ability to hold elected Society offices, Associate and Regular Members receive the same benefits and information.

So join now, even if you are not ready to become authenticated!

Membership Questions?

If you have any questions about a membership, please contact us.

This might include changes to email or postal address, general questions about membership, or renewal concerns.