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“Lineage of the Meriwethers and Minors from Colonial Times”




The Society is selling a genealogy book by Minor MeriwetherLineage of the Meriwethers and Minors from Colonial Times, published in 1895.

This book has been made available through the generosity of Terrence W. Reigel and his wife, who provided a clear copy from an original in their possession. While not as accurate as the 1899 book by William R. Griffith, for which Minor Meriwether wrote the Foreword and commented on the new information and corrections provided by Griffith, this book has a number of family stories of the Tennessee and Kentucky branches that bring to life many of the noted Meriwethers of those areas.

It also has information on the Minor branch that married into the Meriwethers and was prominent in Heath Meriwether’s book, The Meriwether and Their Connections. The book also contains a number of pages of pictures. Highly recommended for your Meriwether family collection.

Price: $19 postage paid.